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The Qlik BI system ...

Qlik allows you to create visualization, dashboards and applications that address...

EwpowerCRM system

EwpowerCRM system As a result of the new EwpowerCRM product platform, the unique unique open platform, combined with the embedded network marketing m...

Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM Dyn... Microsoft CRM sales management sales management customers understand the information far more than ever. Purchase dec...

Microsoft Azure Clouds

Microsoft Azure C... Microsoft Azure cloud is divided into: <1> Mobile, <2> Business SaaS application, <3> Azure on SharePoint, <4> Azure Dynamics1. Mob...

Qlik BI

Qlik BI QlikView is QlikTech's flagship product, the last seven years to become the world's fastest growing BI products. Prof...

  • EwpowerCRM system

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft Azure Clouds

  • Qlik BI

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Youwen Road New Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a company specializing in CRM research and development, sales and service enterprises, headquartered in Shanghai, branch offices and agents distributed with many provinces, Microsoft CRM Gold partners, national certification double soft enterprise, company Market value of over 10 million. To be good at work, we must first of its profits. With the experience of many foreign companies and large enterprises in the implementation of Microsoft CRM implementation consultant, business consultant and development consultant, during the implementation of the project not only can better understand the needs of customers, while providing customers with optimization and improve the solution Program, for the customer's CRM implementation to provide a strong advisory and technical help. Main: Member Management CRM, Microsoft ERP, QLIKBI system, mobile CRM system, Microsoft Azure, sales management CRM, CRM customer relationship management, Microsoft cloud software, Microsoft CRM trial, member system, Microsoft CRM offer, Microsoft CRM solutions. With nearly 10 years of development, the company has not only accumulated a large number of successful cases, but also for many enterprises to provide Microsoft CRM consulting and assistance in the implementation of the work, some of the large enterprise customers are as follows: Oaks, Lange - Siemens , And so on dozens of well-known domestic enterprises to provide information consulting, IT planning, the implementation of software products, such as the development of the software, And other projects....

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(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Microsoft CRM technology partner headquarters Address: 2888 Qilian Mountain Road, Shanghai Yaoguang Central International Building, Block A, Room 803 Address: Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Electronic Commerce Industrial Park Building 5, Unit 1, Room 905 Tel: 021-56056273
Mobile: 13671722891


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Youwen Road New Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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Address:Headquarters Address: Room 803, Block A, Zhongguang International Building, No. 2888, Qilian Mountain Road, Shanghai. Division Address: Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Electronic Commerce Industrial Park Building 5, Unit 1, Room 905  TelePhone:021-56056273  MobilePhone:13671722891